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Good Samaritans Pin Down Robbery Suspect

Incident happened at Fredericksburg Walmart



    Good Samaritans Pin Down Robbery Suspect
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    Incident happened at a Walmart store on Carl D. Silver Parkway in Fredericksburg.

    One Walmart shopper is thanking three strangers after they helped her recover a stolen purse.

    Police said a trio of good Samaritans helped the victim after her purse was stolen from a cart while she was shopping in Fredericksburg.  The incident occurred Thursday evening, at the Walmart located on 1800 Carl D. Silver Parkway.

    Police said they received a call from an eyewitness, who said they observed 18-year-old Timothy Finney of Kings George taking a purse from a woman's shopping cart.  The victim was loading groceries into her vehicle at the time.

    The victim’s shouting caught the attention of some nearby men.  Three gave chase, and police said they caught up with Finney and held him at a Bank of America in the nearby area. 

    The men pinned Finney down on the ground until authorities arrived on the scene, according to police.

    Finney  was arrested for grand larceny and is being held at Rappahannock Regional Jail with a $1500 bond.