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Goats Munch Away at Invasive Plant in Maryland

They're part of a new green mitigation initiative



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    Sebastian Montes, MontgomeryVillage.Patch.com

    The goats have arrived in Prince George’s County, and they’re already hard at work, munching away an invasive plant species called chocolate vine. Sounds mighty tasty.

    The new four-footed residents are part of a new initiative at the Brooke Lane Forest Mitigation Site in Upper Marlboro, Md., clearing the unwanted vegetation in an environmentally friendly way.

    Goats have proven to be a "green" way of clearing land, because they can graze on dense, unruly vegetation in areas where mechanical methods and chemical methods fail.

    On average, goats can clear a quarter of an acre per day, per herd. The goats are working in herds of 25 to 30 and are expected to be on-site for approximately a week.

    A portable electric fence has been installed to contain the goats, and they'll receive 24-hour supervision while they're on the job.

    This practice has been used successfully in other areas of the state, as well as throughout the country.