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Giant Cube Brings Art to the Drunks



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    A giant cube has arrived in Adams Morgan. No worries, club goers, it means you no harm. It means only to bring art -- and perhaps a little sly marketing for HBO -- to you.

    The 16-by-16 foot traveling black cube, which has already made appearances in New York and Philly, will be located at the intersection of 18th Street and Columbia Road NW through Saturday. It's all part of HBO's "Imagine" project, which endeavors to be, ahem, "an expression and embodiment of the HBO philosophy — to be the preeminent source of entertainment experiences that change perspectives, defy expectations and challenge the status quo."

    So apparently it's supposed to inspire you to smoke clove cigarettes or something.

    Anyway, the four sides of the cube each has a video screen simultaneously showing a two-minute film clip shot from a different perspective than the other three. Passersby are encouraged to look at each one to get the full artsy effect. Then go about their boozing.