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Getting Students to Eat Their Veggies



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    It can be hard to get kids to eat their veggies. But now, Montgomery County Schools will be helping parents out by introducing more leafy greens in the cafeteria.

    According to the Washington Examiner, the school system wants to add 15 to 20 salad bars to the free and reduced meal programs by the end of the year. There are already 10 salad bars in county middle and high schools, but only one of those is available to students who participate in the meal programs.

    The expansion of salad bars comes after a report by the Office of Legislative Oversight showed that the county wasn’t doing enough to help students eat healthy. Linda McMillan, a legislative analyst for the County Council, tells the Examiner that salad bars are a good solution because they allow students to choose what they want to eat while still delivering nutrition.

    But council members were also concerned that students living in less affluent areas would have less access to healthy meal choices.

    "The vast majority of the students eating at school are poor," Council President and chairwoman of the Education Committee Valerie Ervin told the Examiner.

    Some of the salad bars will be paid for through a grant program partially funded by customers making donations at Whole Foods stores, while others will be supported by the school system.

    Several other local school districts already have established salad bar programs according to the Examiner, including D.C.' which has 12 salad bars accessible to meal program students.  Anne Arundel County Public Schools offers all-you-can-eat fruits and vegetables at all schools as well.