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Get Your Engines Revving: 'Drive Time' Looks at the Latest in Cars



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    Get your engines revving -- Veronica Johnson, taking a short break from forecasting the weather with Storm Team4, is bringing you the latest in new car models, accessories and technology in a special News4 presentation.

    Johnson traveled to Ocean City's 12th Annual Car and Truck Show in June for a look at some of the makes and models turning heads. She even took to the track herself.

    The special, "Drive Time," airs Saturday at 10 a.m. on NBC4. But if you missed it, you can catch a rebroadcast Sunday, July 28, at 5 p.m. on Cozi. (Find your Cozi listing here.)

    Here's some highlights of "Drive Time," with Johnson at the wheel.

    Ocean City’s 12 Annual Car and Truck Show. We take a look at the annual event that draws car lovers from around the country.

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    Aftermarket Accessories. Over the last 10 years, reflecting your style through your vehicle has become much easier. With after-market accessories, you can do just about anything with your vehicle.

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    Performance Upgrades. Whether your car is new or old, unlocking its full power or making it more efficient is the job of high performance shops.

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    Custom Paint Jobs. One of the best ways to spruce up your car is with a good paint job. From graphics to custom paint jobs, there are lots of options to make your vehicle unique.

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    Track Daze. Johnson puts the pedal to the metal when she visits Track Daze at Summit Point in West Virginia.

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