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Plans Suspended for Expected Amazon Warehouse in Upper Marlboro



    Plans Suspended for Amazon Warehouse in Westphalia

    Following outcry from Prince George's County residents, plans for a fulfillment center in Westphalia have been suspended. News4's Tracee Wilkins reports. (Published Friday, Aug. 23, 2019)

    Plans to build a massive warehouse in the Westphalia area of Prince George's County have been suspended, the county executive said Friday. Sources told News4 that a 4-million-square-foot Amazon fulfillment center had been planned there.

    Many residents loudly opposed the plan for Westphalia, saying they expected a town center with retail space and grocery stores instead of a large warehouse filled with robots. 

    "The company" would no longer be pursuing the site, Prince George's County Executive Angela Alsobrooks said in a statement.

    "It is our intention to work with the company to identify more suitable locations in the county where they may be able to bring their products," Alsobrooks said.

    Residents Pleased Warehouse Not Coming to Md. Neighborhood

    [DC] Westphalia Residents Pleased Amazon Fulfillment Center Not Coming to Their Neighborhood

    Westphalia residents opposed to an Amazon fulfillment center in their neighborhood are pleased to learn that proposal is off the table. Shomari Stone reports.

    (Published Friday, Aug. 23, 2019)

    The proposed five-story center was expected to have an 818,423-square-foot span on a 79-acre site, the Washington Business Journal reported. The property was set to include 1,794 parking spaces, 267 loading spaces and ground-floor space. 

    “I guess it kind of feels like a David and Goliath moment,” Westphalia resident Corryne Carter said.

    Residents spoke against the proposed Amazon fulfillment center at a Prince George's County planning board hearing in July for nine hours straight.

    "The developer and the county had not adequately addressed the traffic concerns or the fact that there would be a lot of noise," Carter said.

    Company representatives promised 15,000 jobs and said the project would attract retail, restaurants and entertainment for the community.

    Resident Warren Sharon blames the county.

    Residents Upset Over Plans for Fulfillment Center

    [DC] Residents Upset Over Plans for Fulfillment Center

    Westphalia residents say they are concerned a new fulfillment center planned for their community could bring unwanted traffic and detract property values.

    (Published Monday, July 15, 2019)

    “Our fight was not necessarily directly with Amazon,” he said. “It was with the county council and the process of tax amendments.”

    While the center is not coming to Westphalia, Alsobrooks said the county will continue to work to attract quality businesses that add value to the economy.

    "To those who purchased homes at Westphalia and were promised certain things, I want you to know that my administration will work with the developer to help bring the retail, dining and other amenities you were promised," the county executive said.

    "Absolutely we’re going to still push for the amenities and the jobs and the schools," Carter said.

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