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Frederick Family Surprised by Nude Intruder

Left home before police arrived



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    A stranger sashayed into a Frederick family's home, and then disrobed in the bathroom, residents told police.  When they  asked her to come out, the woman emerged with no pants and just a short, unzipped jacket on top, the Frederick News Post reported.

    The incident happened on October 28 on the 600 block of Huntover Lane.

    The woman, identified as Tiaray Conyett Summers, got into the house through an unlocked door.  Family members were home at the time, and saw her walk through their house into the bathroom.  After the woman emerged sans pants, she reportedly padded through the kitchen before wandering into the garage.

    One of the home's residents, Kristen McNeall, said she locked the allegedly nude intruder in the garage.

    From the News-Post:

    Kristen McNeal said she locked the woman in the garage to hold her until police arrived.

    "I wanted to get her away from my grandmother and the dogs," Kristen McNeal said. "They were really freaking out more than usual."

    The woman managed to escape, and was reported walking away naked down the street.

    The News-Post says she was charged with 4th-degree burglary.