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Frederick County Won't Become 51st State

At least not yet



    Frederick County Won't Become 51st State
    Frederick County, Md.
    Winchester Hall, Frederick County, Md.

    Sorry, Frederick County residents, it looks like you're stuck with Maryland.

    A panel of county commissioners voted Tuesday 4-1 against a proposal to consider seceding from the state and applying to Congress for admission to the Union as a new state.

    So that means county residents will have to put up with those pesky state-funded roads, schools and social services and will have to accept help digging out from winter storms like the ones that dumped about 56 inches of snow this winter.

    The proposal to secede was offered up by Republican Commissioner Lennie Thompson, who is fed up with state lawmakers' financial irresponsibility. For example, he is opposed to the possibility of shifting teacher pension costs to the counties.

    So Thompson is mad as hell and he's not gonna take it anymore! His proposal seemed to sum things up best: "Now may be a good time to get out while the gettin’ is good."

    He said the threat of secession would make state lawmakers "sit up and take notice." His counterparts in the county, however, realized those in Annapolis would be more likely to fall down laughing at the idea of Frederick County going it alone in the cold, dark wilderness of western Maryland.

    Board President Jan Gardner called Thompson's proposal outlandish and Commissioner Kai Hagen labeled it a public relations gimmick. But all the commissioners sympathized with Thompson's frustration at the increasing cost of state government.

    Guess Thompson will have to hold off on introducing a new state flag and song until at least next year...