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Fowl Prank Ends with Apology

Kickin' Chicken mascot head returned



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    A Peruvian rotisserie joint in Montgomery County is clucking along again now that the head to their chicken mascot has been returned.

    Last month someone stole the head off the chicken costume at the Kickin' Chicken restaurant in Rockville. 

    After reporting it missing to Rockville police, the owners of Kickin' Chicken decided to leave it outside with a note, "Someone stole my head," hoping it would entice the thief to bring it back.

    Over the weekend authorities were able to track down the head to a teenager's car.

    Workers say the boy came by the store when it opened and brought the head, and an apology letter (which they've since taped to the front window). He told the owners that it was prank that got out of hand, and he never meant to cause any harm to the restaurant.

    "The mascot is really important because it brings more customers. People come here to take pictures with it," said Wendy Lopez, a worker at Kickin' Chicken. "He apologized and we think that's really nice."

    The 5 foot 6 inch costume was custom made in Peru and costs $700. The workers say they're all just happy to have it back.