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Four Officers Indicted in Nightclub Fight

The indictment concludes a year-long investigation.



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    Four D.C. police officers will face charges for their roles in a nightclub brawl that left one man so severely beaten he lost an eye.

    The officers were indicted late Wednesday night, after a year-long investigation by the department’s internal affairs division.

    In June 2011, the four, who were off-duty at the time, were involved in a fight outside the Lotus nightclub on K Street Northwest.

    Investigators say two club patrons got into a fight with other individuals.

    One man, Walter Blair II, suffered an eye injury so severe doctors had to remove it entirely.

    Investigators reviewed security video, and identified the officers as Kenneth McRavin, Thaddeus Modlin, Nikeith Goins, and Yolonda Lampkin.

    Police did not release specific information about the charges against the officers.

    Sources say two of them are being investigated for kicking and assaulting someone, and another is being investigated for failing to take police action.