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Forum On Mass Shooting Doesn't Stop Bullets

Shots fired after forum on last week's mass shooting in SE



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    Like another bullet to the heart of Southeast community members -- speaking out against the deaths of four teens killed in last week's mass shooting -- another shootout takes place about a block away from where they are standing.

    The family and friends of shooting victims joined community leaders at the Southeast Tabernacle Church off of First Street Sunday. Just as the event wrapped, however, shots were fired about a block away.

    Police say the shooting happened in the area of Atlantic and First streets in southwest Washington. One man was reportedly shot in the thigh, but was expected to be OK. Police are still looking for the gunmen. They say this shooting doesn't appear to be related to the South Capitol shooting.

    Nardyne Jefferies was the mother of 16-year-old Brishell Jones, one of the victims of last week's shootings. She spoke at the church event and heard the shots being fired later on.

    Forum on Mass Shooting Doesn't Stop Bullets

    [DC] Forum on Mass Shooting Doesn't Stop Bullets
    Community leaders and loved ones come together to speak out against the violence that led to four teenagers killed, but just as the forum ended, shots rang out nearby.
    (Published Monday, April 5, 2010)

    "I am really sick and tired of every other week, every two weeks, every other month, my daughter was upset about a friend gunned down like an animal, " said Jefferies about her only child.

    The teen's father, who also attended the service, said he feels that all the suspects in the shooting, including the 14-year-old, should get the death penalty.

    Along with Jones, three others were killed including 17- year-old Tavon Nelson, 18-year-old Devaughn Boyd and 19-year-old William Jones III.

    Earlier in the day, President Barack Obama and his family attended Easter service at Allen Chapel AME Church in southeast D.C.

    The church called the visit uplifting in the wake of the recent mass shootings and tremendous turmoil in the community. Mayor Adrian Fenty also attended with his family and commented on the recent shootings.

    "Families are very concerned that the people who have been arrested stay in jail because they want to see justice, but also because they don't want to see any retaliation," he said. 

    Police have already arrested three people in connection with the shooting. One person is still at large.