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Fort Belvoir Soldier Remembered

Friends recall a "smile that never faded"



    Fort Belvoir Soldier Remembered

    Dozens gathered at the Woodlawn Chapel at Fort Belvoir Friday morning to pay tribute to a fallen soldier.

    Sgt. Zainah Creamer was serving in Afghanistan when she was killed Jan. 12 after a homemade bomb exploded.

    At Friday's memorial, friends recounted their fond memories of Creamer, including, "a smile that never faded." One also remembered the many times she would show up with an armful of treats and simply tell them, "I was bored and I had a sweet tooth."

    Creamer joined the Army in September 2004. In 2009, she was assigned to Fort Belvoir, where she was a member of the 212th Military Police Detatchment. One coworker said, "Although a new dog handler, Sgt. Creamer's professionalism and can-do attitude not only made her highly proficient, but contributed to the overally safety and well-being of the service members and employees residing on Fort Belvoir."

    On this most recent deployment, Creamer served as a Military Working Dog Handler. She and her working dog, Jofa, departed for Afghanistan in October 2010. Jofa was not injured in the blast.

    Sgt. Zainah Creamer is originally from Texarkana, Ark. She was 28 years old.