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First of 3 Funerals Held After Olney Car Crash



    First of 3 Funerals Held After Olney Car Crash

    The funeral mass for Magruder High School senior Hayley McGuire was filled with many more people than you might imagine would know or be acquainted with someone only 18 years old. But it seems like most everyone in upper Montgomery County knew her.

    “She was a grade below me, but we were all friends, just a big group of friends,” said Brittany Ryan, who graduated from Magruder in 2010.

    McGuire died with two other friends in the crash of a vehicle along Olney Laytonsville Road Sunday not far from the location of today's mass in Derwood. Many there also are acquainted with, or are friends of, the man accused of driving that car -- 20-year-old Kevin Coffay. However, most had little to say about him.

    Fabio Perez, who drove McGuire's school bus, said in his years as a bus driver he's seen this all too often.

    “We hear every year about this time, something bad happens. It's hard to say how we're going to try and fix this situation because we don't want it to happen again,” Perez says.

    The two other victims -- 18-year-old Spencer Datt and 20-year-old John Hoover -- will be buried Thursday and Saturday.

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