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Major Firecracker Crackdown in D.C.

Washington man faces federal charges in fireworks bust



    An undercover investigation led ATF agents to the largest explosives bust in recent history. (Published Wednesday, June 2, 2010)

    Several potentially dangerous fireworks are off the streets after ATF agents seized them in a raid at a northeast Washington apartment. The man who called that apartment home is now behind bars and facing federal charges.

    Agents arrested Laquinn Williams, 61, who police said was trying to sell an undercover agent handguns, commercial fireworks, and explosives during the last month.

    The ATF said its bust at Williams’s apartment yielded the bureau the largest amount of explosives it ever recovered in Washington. Many of the explosives investigators found are designed for experts, and they can have tragic consequences if handled the wrong way.

    “He could have done major structural damage to the building he lived in,” Special Agent Mike Campbell said. “All it would take is one case of those explosives to blow up his car; he had 20.”

    Williams is charged with being a felon selling firearms or explosives.

    Coincidentally, this man who’s charged with owning illegal fireworks was born on the Fourth of July.