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Fight Breaks Out on Metro



    Derrick Ward reports on the massive brawl on the Metro that spread to two metro stations and sent four people to the hospital. (Published Sunday, Aug. 8, 2010)

    At about 11:00 p.m. on Friday night, a fight -- in fact, a brawl -- broke out on the Metro. Some 70 people were involved in a fight that led to three arrests and five injuries at L'Enfant Metro Station.

    Metro Transit Police Department officials initially responded to a disorderly conduct call at Gallery Place Chinatown. The crowd dispersed after the police arrived. Minutes later, Metro Transit Police received another disturbance call from L'Enfant Plaza Station. Police arrived to find some 70 teens and young adults engaged in a brawl.

    Police arrested three individuals -- all D.C. residents -- including Angelo Nicholas, 18, whom they charged with disorderly conduct. Police also charged one 16-year-old man with disorderly conduct and charged another 16-year-old man with simple assault.

    Five people received emergency medical services and were taken to the hospital. Two teenagers and two adult men received minor injuries, and one of the men has been released. One woman who received an injury not directly related to the fight received treatment at the hospital and has been released. Another man remains in the hospital with serious injuries.

    The man's serious injuries may be the result of a stab wound, according to an early report from Metro Police Department. Investigators from Metro Transit Police are conducting the investigation and discovered no weapons on the scene.