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"A Blessing"

Fate leads deaf stray to forever home



    "A Blessing"
    Washington Humane Society
    Chase the dog

    Life has had its ups and downs for a deaf Dalmatian-mix puppy once named Bam Bam. He was picked up as a stray on the streets of D.C. Then he spent two months at the Washington Humane Society’s Georgia Avenue facility. 

    Finally fate intervened, thanks to a good puppy picture. A woman named Carley spotted Bam Bam’s picture on the WHS website. She noticed he had one brown eye and one blue eye, just like her. She also learned she had another thing in common with Bam Bam. They are both hearing impaired. 
    Carley wasn’t necessarily looking for a deaf dog, but this seemed like more than a coincidence. She went to the shelter to meet the puppy in person. Their blue and brown eyes locked and -- bam! Carley fell in love with Bam Bam.
    Now they’re a family. Bam Bam’s name has been changed to Chase. He lives with Carley and her partner, who is also hearing impaired. Chase also has a canine sibling named Babe.
    Carley told WHS that Chase has been a blessing to her family.