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Family Relieved: "Shadow" Returned Home

Yorkie missing from Ashburn home since Veterans' Day



    Family Relieved: "Shadow" Returned Home

    "I’m just hoping against hope that we’ll have that miracle." Angie Le couldn’t stop crying over the loss of her five-year-old Yorkie named Shadow -- but the dog was returned to them Monday morning.

    "It sounds incredible, but we believe Shadow was abducted from our home," she told us last week.

    On Veterans Day, the Le family had a holiday outing to the to the National Zoo. When they returned, they found quite a mess that Shadow made when he got into some food. But something bad must have happened after that. Shadow was gone.

    Nothing else was taken. There were laptops in sight and jewelry and other valuables for the taking if this was a so-called "normal" burglary. But nothing was disturbed in the house except a pet the family considers a family member. They did find a side door unlocked. They figure this was the entrance of opportunity for the intruder that has changed their lives. The household is devastated.

    The only thing unusual in the neighborhood the Le family can think of is that there were two vans parked in front of their house that day. 

    "Someone is home about 90 to 95 percent of the time. So we just suspect that whoever it is that came, knew no one was home. They must have been watching for a period of time to be confident no one was home."

    Angie Le called all the shelters and vets in her area. She also posted a plea on Craigslist for the safe return of Shadow. She heard back from a woman in Maryland whose Yorkie also went missing from her house. Any relationship between the two incidents is totally unknown.

    But then another woman called the Le family, saying a friend had found Shadow. Le said Shadow is happy and healthy, running around their house again. "We're still trying to get a sense of what exactly happened," she said.