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Fairfax School Surveillance Camera Decision by End of Year

Most school board members in favor



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    Fairfax County school principals would like to watch students with cameras.

    Fairfax County school officials say they will decide whether to install indoor surveillance cameras by the end of the year.

    The current school board will take up the issue on Dec. 1 or at its last meeting on Dec. 15. If the measure passes, high schools would be allowed to install cameras in cafeterias and other campus hotspots.

    Many board members say they are ready to vote for the cameras in an effort to boost student safety. Some board members, however, have raised concerns about privacy and trust. Others believe the vote should be left up to the newly elected school board, which takes office on Jan. 1.

    All other area school districts except Arlington County allow in-school surveillance. Fairfax County currently allows outside cameras.

    Fairfax Debates School Cameras

    [DC] Fairfax Debates School Cameras
    After last year's rash of cafeteria fights, most principals in Fairfax County, Va., say they want video surveillance cameras in their schools.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 14, 2011)

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