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Fairfax School Scrubbed After 100 Sickened

Norovirus suspected at Willow Springs Elementary



    Fairfax School Scrubbed After 100 Sickened
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    A Fairfax County school has been scrubbed with bleach  after the suspected outbreak of a virus affecting dozens of students and staff.
    Authorities say about 100 students and staff members at Willow Springs  Elementary were reported sick on Friday with a stomach illness. The illness  continued to keep dozens of them home on Monday. All weekend activities at the  school were canceled to allow for cleaning.

      The county health department has been investigating whether it was an  outbreak of Norovirus. Medical experts say it can take two days to recover and a  third day before a person with the virus is no longer contagious.
    Health officials say this is the peak time of year for the illness.  Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, chills and fatigue.