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Fairfax Group Receives Grant to Prevent Underage and Binge Drinking

Funds will help ask the "why" questions



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    A community based organization in Fairfax County that works to combat underage and binge drinking just received a major grant.

    On Wednesday, the United Prevention Coalition announced an annual $200,000 grant for its program. The money comes from the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

    With the additional funds, UPC will be able to ask more of the "why" questions to teens and young adults, Executive Director Diane Eckert said. That includes why young people choose to drink to excess and what are the local conditions that allow them to do it.

    Eckert said research demonstrates the dangers of excessive drinking, saying, "The younger you start drinking heavily, the more likely you'll become a dependent young adult on alcohol in your late 20s, and that's something we don't want for our community or our country."

    UPC plans to bring on more members of the community, including more young people to improve initiatives they already have, create new ones and expand them throughout the community.

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