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FBI Investigates Bombing of ATM in Fredericksburg

Machine damaged; no money taken



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    Jay Alvey, NBCWashington.com

    Virginia State Police and the FBI are involved in an investigation into the bombing of an ATM in Fredericksburg, Va.

    Bomb squad technicians spent Wednesday morning at the Virginia Credit Union on Gordon Shelton Boulevard after an explosion there about 4 a.m.

    The ATM targeted outside the bank was damaged, but no money was taken.

    An employee of the Virginia Credit Union discovered the damage at the drive-through Wednesday morning, Fredericksburg police said. A resident of a nearby apartment complex also reported hearing an explosion a few hours earlier that was strong enough to set off car alarms in the area, the Associated Press reported.

    Surveillance video confirmed that someone placed an explosive device at the base of the ATM. A police bomb-sniffing dog later gave an indication of something suspicious at a trash receptacle behind the bank, prompting an evacuation of the bank and six neighboring apartments. Police declared the area clear about four hours later, and employees and residents were allowed to return.

    The man in the surveillance video appears to be wearing a ski mask, jeans, a dark-colored hoodie under a dark blue or black overcoat, and a head lamp. He may have had a backpack or bag with him.

    Anyone with information about the case or about anyone with interest in explosive or anyone who might have been in the area at the time should call police at 540-654-5758.