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Experts: Gas Prices May Go Down Soon

Springtime gas prices at record high



    Experts: Gas Prices May Go Down Soon

    Gas prices hit an all-time high for this time of year, but experts say there is relief in sight.

    According to AAA, the national average is $3.83 a gallon. Analysts expect gas prices to peak in late April or early May. Then, prices could slowly begin to fall.

    New numbers from AAA show drivers in the District are paying about $4.06 for a gallon of regular gas. In Maryland, the average is $3.87. Drivers in Virginia are paying about $3.76 a gallon. And in West Virginia, drivers are paying an average of $3.88.

    AAA says you can help improve fuel efficiency. First, lighten your load by taking items you don't need out of your car. Also, check your tire pressure. Under-inflated tires can slash your fuel efficiency. And use your cruise control on the highway. Steady speeds can save gas.