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Metrobus Cameras Show Driver Dangers

New video shows the problems these drivers face on a daily basis



    Some incredible video from inside WMATA's Metrobuses will leave you on the edge of your seat. News4's Jackie Bensen has the exclusive look. (Published Friday, May 18, 2012)

    It’s a challenge Metrobus drivers face every day: maneuvering a 30,000-pound vehicle through District traffic, all while keeping passengers safe and attempting to avoid any accidents.

    News4’s Jackie Bensen got an exclusive look of video that shows just how real these problems are, as Metrobus drivers report getting “cut off” dozens of times a day by aggressive drivers.

    These aggressive drivers threaten the safety of not only the bus driver, but Metrobus passengers, who aren’t wearing seat belts.

    Drivers are required to put in hours upon hours of training before becoming certified Metrobus drivers.

    Also, any accidents involving a Metrobus will go on the driver's record, regardless of whether or not it was that driver's fault.