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Ex-ANC Commissioner Misappropriated Funds

Commissioner paying money back in installments



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    A former public servant was ordered to repay the District $28,878.46 for funds that were misappropriated when he was in office.

    Former Advisory Neighborhood 5B Commissioner William C. Shelton will be paying back the money in a payment plan.

    An audit by the Office of the District of Columbia Auditor of ANC 5B financial records exposed purchases were made in violation of the D.C. Official Code, which states that no purchase or expenditure of any amount shall be made without specific authorization of the Commission and that and expenditure made by check shall be signed by at least two officers of the commission, one of whom shall be the treasurer or chairperson. The audit found that public funds were electronically withdrawn from ANC 5B’s checking account between August 2010 and March 2011 in violation of the statute. The audit led to an investigation that shows former Commissioner Shelton had been issued a bank card linked to the ANC’s checking account. Further investigation by the Office of the Attorney General concluded that $28,878.46 was misappropriated and/or wrongfully obtained.

    In the settlement, Shelton agreed to repay the money with an initial payment of $5,000 and monthly payments of $200 until the balance is zero. The agreement states Shelton has the right to pay more if he wishes. It also states he can pay the balance in full if he wishes to do so.

    The agreement will be fully enforceable in court. If Shelton does not comply with the terms of the settlement, he runs the risk of owing the government triple the amount of what he owes. 

    “Our pursuit of this matter is further evidence of our vigilance in recovery for the District of any misappropriated funds, regardless of the position or influence of the person responsible,” Attorney General Irvin Nathan said.

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