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Engineers Set to Rappel Washington Monument Again

Weatherization in the works



    Park Service Weatherizing Washington Monument After Earthquake

    Crews began setup today to seal cracks in the Washington Monument caused by the August earthquake. The weatherization process will stop water from getting into the landmark when it rains, according to the National Park Service. (Published Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011)

    Engineers who rappelled down the Washington Monument searching for earthquake damage in September are getting ready to climb back up.

    They’ll make their return Thursday to set up ropes and equipment for weatherization work scheduled for the start of next week.

    That’ll entail spending five days filling marble cracks with a temporary sealant so rain and snow don’t seep in the monument.

    The superintendent of the National Mall and Memorial Parks said this needs to happen until more permanent repairs can be made.

    The winterizing work comes with an estimated $240,000 price tag.

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