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Electrocuted Electrician Brought Back to Life



    Man Brought Back to Life After Being Electrocuted

    An electrician was dead for five minutes after getting electrocuted on the job. But first-responders from Montgomery County Fire and Rescue were able to revive him. News4's Meagan Fitzgerald reports. (Published Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016)

    Maryland first-responders brought an electrician back to life after he was electrocuted while on the job Wednesday afternoon.

    The man was working on the electric in the ceiling at an office building in Rockville when he came in contact with high-voltage lines, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Lt. Daniel Ballantine said.

    “On the way to the call we were told cardiac arrest for electrocution,” he said.

    The electrician's coworkers kicked his ladder to get him away from the electrical source without anyone else getting electrocuted.

    “The biggest thing that they did for him was to kick the ladder out from underneath of him so he could fall to the ground,” Ballantine said.

    When the ambulance arrived, the man had been dead for at least five minutes. He wasn’t breathing, so the paramedics hooked him up to a defibrillator.

    “Once we applied the AED, it was determined that the patient needed to be shocked,” Thomas Buckmaster said. “We then shocked the patient with the defibrillator and he was able to breathe on his own, and we were able to get a pulse back.”

    Buckmaster and his partner rushed the man to emergency at Shady Grove Medical Center, where he was able to recover.

    “A life was saved and ... somebody gets to make it to Christmas,” Buckmaster said.