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Dupont's Doggies Safe -- For Now



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    Keep your paws to yourselves, and we won't make you cough.

    WASHINGTON -- Dupont's dogs are safe -- for now.

    The brouhaha over whether non-neutered dogs can wander around the 17th Street dog park carried over to a public meeting at the D.C. Jewish Community Center last night, reports Borderstan.

    Nothing was decided at the meeting, so it's game on for Dupont's proudly male dogs.  They're free to hump and bark away, at least until the next community meeting a month or two from now.

    Some had proposed that aggressive non-neutered male dogs should be banned from the overly popular puppy park, but at the meeting, those speaking in favor of testicles noted that humping dogs aren't a problem of gonads, but of bad doggy owners.

    If Fido's going after Ms. Binkles a little too aggressively, it's up to the owners to pull them apart -- a little humanis interruptus.

    Borderstan had previously raised the question of how exactly an anti-testicle policy would be enforced, and more importantly, who would have the unfortunate task of making dogs cough.

    But for now, all is OK for our fine, furry friends, testicled and non-testicled alike.