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Dulles Toll Road Rates to Increase

Public comments released



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    It's official: Fees on the Dulles Toll Road in Virginia are going up.

    The fees will increase in January and over the next three years, thanks to final approval given Wednesday by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Board of Directors.

    The board voted to increase the toll by 25 cents at ramps and another 25 cents at the main toll plaza. Current tolls are 75 cents to drive through the main toll plaza and 50 cents to enter the roadway from one of the ramps.

    The tolls will help pay for construction of the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project and improvements to the Dulles Toll Road.

    The increases take effect Jan. 1. Tolls at the main toll plaza will also increase by 25 cents in 2011 and 2012 under the plan approved by the board.

    On another note, if you remember there was a public comment period on the proposed toll increases. All of those comments were collected and are now available online. As you can imagine, some of the comments became pretty heated. Here are some examples:

    • "You thieves! The tolls should be off by now and instead you're raising them! We should boycott your damned road and bankrupt you!"
    • "By working with high priced lawyers and financial consultants who ignore the law and rights of the traveling public, MWAA may think it is smart but will soon learn that there is a high price to pay for such selfish behavior and pandering to the interests of Tysons Corner and other rail station area landowners. The "public hearing" process used by MWAA as part of its toll increase was deliberately designed to minimize effective public interaction with people who were either on vacation or busy with back to school activities.  Even this e mail message format is designed to limit the ability of the public to  communicate with MWAA. SHAME ON YOU ALL!"
    • "We do not need this useless project. We never needed it. It was a farce from day 1. You are trying to make this area into another NYC. My family and I will be moving away from the area because of the congestion, configuration, and crime that this will bring. I am sure many others will do the same. It is a waste of money, but that seems to be the name of the game nowadays."
    • "Is it not enough that we are already paying for it with the so call stimulus package. Is it not enough that we have been paying with all the increases through the years and still no relief from the everyday stand still on the toll road? Is it not enough that we get penalized when we do not have anyone else with us to be able to drive down the so call HOV lane and still have to pay to get onto the road because it is the only road to 495. Let me tell you something, there is no more blood left!!!! Get real, if you want it, you fund it. NO MORE INCREASE IN TOLL!! AS IT IS, I CAN'T AFFORD TO HAVE BREAKFAST BECAUSE OF HOW MUCH I HAVE TO PAY FOR TOLL."

    To check out the rest of the public comments, click here.