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Duct-Taped Dog Culprit Sentenced to Work in Animal Shelter

Man muzzled dog with duct tape to prevent biting



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    A Cumberland, Md., man convicted of abusing a dog by wrapping duct tape around its muzzle was sentenced Friday to work in an animal shelter, the Cumberland Times-News reported.

    The judge suspended two 90-day jail terms on the condition that Ricky Adams, 24, work 100 hours at the Allegany County Animal Shelter. Adams also was ordered to make restitution of about $1,400 to an animal hospital that treated the 10-month-old terrier.

    Adams was convicted at a bench trial in November.

    His attorney said Adams muzzled the dog in March to prevent it from biting. The dog was found outside the city eight days later.

    Prosecutors dropped charges in September against a co-defendant, Frederick Lease, for lack of evidence.

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