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Drivers Rejoice! Gas Prices Plummeting

Gas is remarkably cheaper compared to just a month ago



    Drivers Rejoice! Gas Prices Plummeting

    It appears there’s a bit less pain at the pump.

    Gas prices are falling fast, with some drivers paying 30 cents less compared to a month ago.

    AAA reports that the national average right now is $3.73 a gallon, down 17 cents from a month ago.

    Things are even better for drivers in our area.

    DC drivers are paying $3.90 for a gallon of gas, which is 27 cents cheaper than the $4.17 they were paying a month ago.

    Virginia drivers have it even better, paying 32 cents less now, with gas averaging at $3.58 a gallon.

    Maryland gas costs $3.68, 29 cents lower than a month ago.

    And West Virginia drivers are also enjoying the lower gas prices. They’re paying $3.78, a 17 cent drop in a month.