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Drivers Question Fluctuating Tolls on Beltway Express Lanes



    Rising Cost of Va. Express Lanes

    Questions about the price you're paying to ride on the brand new express lanes in Virginia. Some drivers are asking if the price is going up when it shouldn't be. News4 transportation reporter Adam Tuss gets answers from the people who run the toll roads. (Published Friday, Feb. 1, 2013)

    The cost of the new Beltway express lanes in northern Virginia is supposed to rise and fall based on the number of cars in the lanes. The more traffic there is, the higher the toll. The idea is that some drivers will be priced out and traffic will keep moving.

    But News4 has received complaints about the price of the lanes increasing, even though the amount of traffic in the lanes hasn't seemed to increase.

    Pierce Coffee of Transurban, the operator of the lanes, said the price you see and pay actually is based on constantly changing factors along the all-electronic toll road.

    The average trip on the toll road right now is about $1.50. That’s expected to reach $5 over time.