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Pay the Toll for Local Charities

All proceeds from tolls on the Dulles Greenway on Thursday going to charity



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    Drivers are now able to help out several local organizations just by taking the toll road connecting Washington Dulles International Airport with Leesburg, Va.

    During the 7th annual Dulles Greenway "Drive for Charity," all proceeds from tolls on Thursday will go to the March of Dimes and the Loudoun Abused Women's Shelter, among other groups.

    The Dulles Greenway Scholarship program, which awards $1,500 to one senior at each high school in Loudoun County, also benefits from the program.

    Last year's event raised about $235,000 for local organizations.

    Organizers hope to raise $265,000 this year, which means 60,000 more cars have to pass through the tolls than last year.

    The Dulles Greenway is a privately owned 14-mile toll road.

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