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Driver Caught in Historic Floods Describes Having to Climb Out Through His Sunroof



    Driver Forced to Climb Out of Car Via Sunroof During Floods

    Most days, the morning commute is boring. But Monday's commute was anything but boring for William Diggs, who had to climb out of his quickly-flooding car via the sunroof. News4's Meagan Fitzgerald reports. (Published Tuesday, July 9, 2019)

    Historic floods in the D.C. area on Monday complicated many people’s commutes, but for one driver stranded on Canal Street, the situation was more high-pressure than most.

    “When you go to work, you don’t think you’re gonna end up on the roof of your car,” said William Diggs. “But I did.”

    Diggs was forced to climb out through the sunroof of his car to escape the rising water entering the vehicle. He says the problems started when he saw water dripping into the backseat.

    “Before I know it, the water’s up to my seat, I’m crouching, and I think, ‘Well, the only way I’m getting out of here is through the sunroof,’” Diggs said. He had to stand on the roof of his car until the water flooding Canal Street receded somewhat.

    Diggs said he noticed while looking back into his car that there was several feet of water inside, almost covering the gearshift. The car is now gutted, and according to Diggs, it’s likely a total loss.

    “Insurance might not cover it all, so we’re trying to see if we can salvage it,” he said.

    The Insurance Information Institute says that “flood-caused damage to vehicles is covered under the optional comprehensive portion of a standard auto insurance policy,” which usually costs around $150 each year.

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