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Drive Time: A Look Inside the Washington Auto Show



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    Get your engines revving -- Veronica Johnson has gone behind the scenes of the 2014 Washington Auto Show for a special News4 presentation.

    And yes, she got behind the wheel for a special car showdown!

    There's even a special appearance from Jim Vance, who spoke with the vice president of global design for General Motors.

    Here are excerpts from our News4 special, "Drive Time."


    A look at what's new this year at the 2014 Washington Auto Show.

    Find out why Motor Trend names the Cadillac CTS its car of the year.

    Jim Vance talks with Ed Welburn, Vice President of Global Design for General Motors.

    Veronica shares her top picks based on styling, power, safety and looks.

    Veronica test drives the redesigned Mazda 6 and the upscale Lexus IS F Sport