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Drive-By Shooting in 3rd Street Tunnel

Victim drove to police station after shooting



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    A motorist drove to the First District Station of D.C. Police on Monday, in a car shot through with bullet holes.

    The driver told police his car was fired on while he was driving underground in the 3rd Street Tunnel.

    The incident happened around 8:45 p.m.  The victim told officers that while in the tunnel, another car came alongside his own.  Then, someone in the other car fired a gun at the victim's car, striking the vehicle's body several times.

    The driver said that after the shooting, he took the 395 exit from the tunnel, then the 7th Street SW exit.

    Officer at the police station verified there were several bullet holes in the car.

    Police are searching for a small, dark-colored vehicle with tinted windows.

    The man was not injured in the shooting.

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