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Dozens Ticketed or Towed Near Nationals Park



    Nationals Fans Say Confusing Signs Led To Parking Tickets

    News4's Mark Segraves found out what city officials will do to clear up parking confusion outside the ballpark. (Published Tuesday, May 27, 2014)

    Some Nationals fans already upset about a loss were greeted with an unpleasant surprise as they went back to their cars post-game Monday.

    Most D.C. parking meters are suspended on federal holidays, which of course includes Memorial Day.

    Fans noticed parking meters near the ballpark in southeast D.C. state, "No fees on holidays."

    "They need to rework the sign," one frustrated driver said. 

    Nats Fans Find Ticket and Towing Trouble on Memorial Day

    [DC] Nats Fans Find Ticket and Towing Trouble on Memorial Day
    Hundreds of Washington Nationals Fans left the game upset and angry, and not just because the Nats lost. Many found their cars were either ticketed or towed, even though it's a federal holiday. News4's Mark Segraves got to the bottom of the confusion.
    (Published Monday, May 26, 2014)

    When you make a phone call to the District's 311 call center, you are initially told, "Parking enforcement is suspended," then more than 30 seconds later, callers are told parking around Nationals Park is always enforced on game days, despite the holiday rules.

    The confusion extends to one block of 4th Street SE, where residents can park on one side during games and on the other side, no one can park. 

    "You'd think it'd be more clear," one Nats fan said.

    "It's confusing! " another chimed in.

    Some drivers were given $25 parking tickets -- several others weren't so lucky. Upon returning from the game, their cars were towed.

    A spokesperson from the D.C. Department of Transportation told News4 they try to strike a balance between neighbors and Nationals fans. As for the confusing signs, they said it's up to drivers to check signs. 

    D.C. Council Member Mary Cheh said she has spoken to transportation officials several times about clarifying the signage. 

    "I keep pestering them, banging my shoe on the table but I'm not getting the response I would hpoe for," she said. 

    Cheh said part of the problem is that three agencies are involved in D.C. parking management.

    "DPW identifies the sign problem, DDOT is supposed to fix the problem and DMV dismisses the tickets," she explained.

    Though this is nothing new, it's important to remember ahead of July 4 -- another federal holiday with a Nationals home game.