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Don’t Touch My Cell and Internet

What consumers are NOT willing to give up



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    In tough economic times, what are you willing to do without? Well if you are like most respondents to a new survey, you can say goodbye to fancy coffee but won’t consider hanging up on the cell phone or pulling the plug on your Internet.

    The National Foundation for Credit Counseling survey asked consumers what they are willing to give up in order to save money. More than 3,000 folks were polled. Only 1 percent insisted on keeping their designer coffee. One percent said they couldn’t do without online shopping. Four percent said they wouldn’t want to give up eating out. Eight percent wouldn’t kill the cable TV to save money. By contrast, Thirty-two percent said they needed to keep their home Internet and fifty-three percent said even when money is tight they would not say goodbye to their cell phones.

    "It appears that Americans love their technology and are determined to stay connected," said Gail Cunningham, spokesperson for the NFCC.

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