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Drones to Fly Over the Beltway?

The technology could be used to conduct aerial surveillance of high-traffic areas



    From Afghanistan and Pakistan to Fairfax County? Drones could soon be flying over the Beltway. News4's Jackie Bensen reports. (Published Tuesday, May 1, 2012)

    Chief of Fairfax County Police David Rohrer spoke on drone technology during a WTOP radio program Monday morning. “In general terms, I think the technology will be in the region at some point for monitoring traffic.”

    Drones? In Fairfax County? Over the Beltway?

    Actually, it’s best described as a piece of flying styrofoam with a camera and will allow local law enforcement to conduct aerial surveillance.

    Dr. John Langford of Aurora Flight Services in Manassas says his demo, “Skate”, is a lightweight drone that can stay aloft for an hour on a re-chargeable battery.

    Although these unmanned aerial vehicles aren’t cheap, ringing up at about $2,000 each, they do offer new options for law enforcement in difficult situations.

    Dr. Langford sees them being deployed during dangerous high-speed pursuits or hostage incidents.