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Do You Know These Pot-Bellied Pigs? Seriously.



    Do You Know These Pot-Bellied Pigs? Seriously.
    Have you seen these pigs? Loudoun County Animal Services is searching for them -- and their owner.

    Do you know these pot-bellied pigs?

    (We really mean that.)

    Loudoun County animal control is hoping that someone will recognize two pot-bellied pigs that have been roaming Leesburg, Virginia recently. Several residents have seen the pigs, but they have managed to evade being caught.

    They appear to be pot-bellied pig mixes. Their coloring is a black and white piebald pattern. They appear to be boars, with visible tusks; one pig has a U-shaped notch out of its left ear.

    They've been spotted in the vicinity of Gospond Lane and Hunts End Place in Leesburg.

    Loudoun County Animal Services said anyone who sees the pigs, or knows who owns them, should contact Animal Services at 703-777-0406 or by email at Be careful around animals that you do not know, animal control advised.