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District Holds Disaster Drill at RFK

Exercise tests Washington D.C.'s disaster preparedness



    District Holds Disaster Drill at RFK

    The District of Columbia is holding a disaster response drill at RFK Stadium Wednesday as part of exercises to test the city's response to a potential natural disaster.

    According to the Mayor's website, the exercise would test the capabilities of emergency personnel, Federal government agencies, and non-government associations to respond to "a Category 2 hurricane direct strike on the District of Columbia."

    The drill comes less than a month after the region was affected by Hurricane Irene, a storm which caused thousands of residents to lose power, caused four deaths in Virginia and two in Maryland, and forced President Barack Obama to declare a state of emergency in the District.

    The drill was scheduled to take place until 5 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, and involved mobile command vehicles, a mobile morgue, mega-shelter operations for potentially homeless and displaced persons, a test of radio communications, and simulation of mass dispensation of medicines and vaccines.