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Diplomat's Daughter Hit by Bus

Witness: Bus driver honked, but didn't stop



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    Police are trying to determine if a diplomat’s daughter was in a crosswalk when a Metrobus hit her Monday night just after 7 p.m.

    The girl was struck from behind by a slow-moving bus, near the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Jenifer Street NW. She was conscious and alert after the accident. Her family says she is the daughter of a diplomat from Argentina and has been living in the D.C. area for four years.

    NBC News employee Ellie Hall witnessed the accident and said the victim had the right of way.

    Hall said she was on the other side of the crosswalk from the victim and her group of family and friends. "We got a walk signal...The bus had begun to turn the same instant we got the walk signal," Hall said.

    Hall said the bus driver honked, but didn't stop. "People began screaming and telling her, 'look out, look out.' She looked over her shoulder and hesitated on which way to run, and ran diagonally."

    The girl was struck in the back by the bus' bike rack. "She flew forward, I'd say about five feet and managed to put her arms out to shield her head," Hall said. "Her sunglasses and purse went flying."

    The bus stopped after it hit her, and the driver got out. Another witness began yelling that the victim didn't have the right of way, Hall said. The girl's younger brother and their group of friends yelled back, saying they did have a walk signal and claiming the other witness was the bus driver's girlfriend, although Hall said she doesn't know if that was true.

    The girl was crying at the scene, and had some scrapes and cuts. She is expected to be all right.