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Man Allegedly Steals Plane, Crashes

Man had experience with plane, police said



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    Stealing cars is one thing.  But stealing planes?  That's a new one.

    A homeless man was arrested early Monday morning after police in Frederick, Md., said he stole a plane from an airport hangar and later crashed it.

    Witnesses said the single-engine Piper Super Club plane crashed into a grassy area near one of the runways at Frederick Airport just after 2 a.m. Monday. They said the pilot lost control of the craft and then ran from the area after the accident.

    Police eventually caught up with Calvin Craig Cox, 51, in the woods near the airport and arrested him. Investigators later determined that the plane was taken without permission.

    Man Arrested After Alleged Plane Theft

    [DC] Man Arrested After Alleged Plane Theft
    A man is in custody after allegedly stealing a plane at a Frederick, Md., airport.
    (Published Monday, Dec. 28, 2009)

    Police said they do not believe terrorism was involved. During the investigation police learned that Cox is familiar with airplanes and their operation.

    Cox did not suffer any injuries. The plane had apparent damage to the fuselage and propeller.

    When police asked Cox why he tried to steal the plane, he said he just wanted leave Frederick.