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Snowball Cop Involved in '08 Citizen Complaint

Citizen claimed he was "denied food and water for 10 consecutive hours.



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    A D.C. Police detective allegedly went nuts after kids pelted his Hummer with snowballs at 14th and U streets N.W. The cop got out of his car and started waving his gun around.

    Det. Mike Baylor Involved In ‘08 Citizen Complaint was originally published on City Desk on Dec. 21, 2009, at 6:53 pm

    Detective Mike Baylor, the D.C. Police Department cop involved in the snowball incident, had been the recipient of one citizen complaint in 2008. According to the complaint, in mid-June 2008, Baylor had allegedly made a deal with a citizen: If he turned himself in, the detective promised that the citizen would get to go before a judge promptly.

    The citizen says this did not happen. Instead, once he turned himself in, he stated that he was "denied food and water for 10 consecutive hours."

    He goes on to write:

    "Detective Mike Baylor's conduct and omissions were humiliating and demeaning. It appears that Detective Mike Baylor appointed himself as both Judge and Jury when deciding that despite his oral agreement....I was incarcerated overnight downtown. In total I was incarcerated for 36 consecutive hours."

    The Office of Police Complaints ruled that the incident did not fall within its jurisdiction. It referred the matter to the D.C. Police Department. Earlier on Dec. 21, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier condemned Baylor's actions during the snowball fight.