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Despite Leaked Memo, Arlington Police Deny Having Quota System

Memo threatened discipline for failure to meet "performance measures"



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    The chief of the Arlington County Police Department is under fire for threatening disciplinary action toward officers who don't meet performance measures.

    Arlington police deny they have a quota for officers, although Chief Douglas Scott said it was a mistake for his administrators to circulate a memorandum threatening disciplinary actions for failing to meet what they call "performance measures." The memo states consistently failing to meet goals "could result in disciplinary actions."

    Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck admitted including the threat in the memo was a mistake, adding that the department doesn't view meeting these guidelines as a quota. "Everything is going to be open to interpretation," Sternbeck said. "Internally, it is not a quota. I mean, these are performance measures that every job in the country are not going to have."

    The memo outlines how officers should spend time when not assigned to a dispatch call for service.

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