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D.C. Officials to Hold Online "Rat Summit"



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    In addition to a booming (human) population, D.C. also plays host to a growing rodent community.

    We would say that we're sorry to tell you that... but we're pretty sure you already knew.

    About a year after the city sent out a pamphlet encouraging residents to "work together for a rat-free D.C.," city officials will hold a one-hour online "rat summit" Friday with residents, providing tips on how to keep the pesky vermin away.

    A rat specialist (file this under "Jobs You Never Consciously Thought Existed, But Yes, Of Course They Do") will focus on common mistakes that attract all types of rodents.
    For example, outdoor grills containing fragments of food or grease can become key food sources for rats. 
    Pro tip: Please clean that grill not only after you use it, but before. Really. Just read that paragraph above one more time.
    The chat starts at noon here.

    DPW Director William O. Howland, Jr. and D.C. Department of Health Director Joxel Garcia will lead the chat, and Urban Rodentologist Robert Corrigan will also participate.