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Defense Questions Murder-for-Hire Witness's Testimony

Teen shot in Bowie in 2005



    McDonald Abraham says he paid a man $600 in drugs and cash to kill 17-year-old Stacey Seaton. The Bowie, Md .,teen was found shot to death behind her home in June of 2005. News4's Darcy Spencer reports. (Published Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015)

    The credibility of the prosecution's key witness in a murder-for-hire trial is being called into question.

    Stacey Seaton, 17, was shot in a park behind her Bowie, Md., home in June 2005. She died at an area hospital

    McDonald Abraham, who pleaded guilty in the case, testified Tuesday for the prosecution that he paid Jarvis Tyler $600 in cash and marijuana to kill Seaton.

    Tyler's defense attorneys say he's only cooperating with prosecutors so he can get a lighter sentence.

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