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Deer Breaks Into Va. Stores, Causes Havoc



    Oh Deer! Wild Animal Adds to Mall Madness on Black Friday

    Northern Virginia Bureau Reporter David Culver talked with witnesses to Black Friday's deer-gone-wild episode at Huntsman Square shopping center. (Published Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013)

    Shopkeepers in one Northern Virginia shopping center are still talking about an unexpected Black Friday intruder.

    A deer got into Springfield's Huntsman Square last week, hitting four stores and causing significant damage.

    "The lady [who] was working with me... told me, 'Hey there is a deer!' I said, 'You're kidding me!'" Hasiba Baigra said. "It was a huge deer; it was a male."

    She said the buck got in through a back, automated door and made its way into the Giant grocery store. Children's store clerk Ali Robinson saw it from her work.

    "I walked over to Giant and I saw it in the produce section," Robinson said she saw the deer make its way to Dress Barn."It was kind of trapped in Dress Barn because their doors are all clear, so it kept thinking it could get out."

    Several calls went into 911. One caller said, "It's going bizirk, it's going nuts! It's getting ready to break the window!"

    Another frantically yelled, "You guys got to be here so fast because it's going to kill somebody."

    Witnesses say a customer acted quickly.

    "Luckily someone knew to cover its face with a sweater so it didn't see. And then he was able to guide it out to the front of the mall until animal control came," Robinson said.

    Fairfax County Animal Control later arrived on scene.

    "This one, apparently, had some combination of hormones affecting its behavior and adrenaline, got spooked somehow," officer Forrest Higginbotham, who noted a worsening deer problem in the county, told News4. "There's a high density of deer and a high density of residential and commercial buildings."

    The buck had lost so much blood, officers had to put it down. 

    No one was injured in the incident.

    There are surveillance cameras inside, however representatives from Giant, Dress Barn and the Huntsman Square declined to share the surveillance video.

    Giant executives released the following statement:

    "This past weekend a deer inadvertently entered the Huntsman Square Giant. The deer was humanely led to safety after a brief period. No human or animal injuries resulted from the incident and the store sustained only minimal damage."