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Death to Dryers!

Va. lawmakers push for clothes lines



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    Stop using your "energy-sucking" clothes dryers! Virginia lawmakers want all homeowners to have the option of air-drying their clean clothes.

    In a 37-3 vote Tuesday, the State Senate passed a bill that would prohibit homeowner's associations from banning "natural drying devices" (see: clothes lines).

    Sen. Linda "Toddy" Puller said her bill is aimed to combat "energy-sucking clothes dryers."

    Perhaps Sen. Puller does not enjoy that wonderfully warm feeling when you put socks on that came just came out of that "energy-sucking" dryer. Or that wonderful aroma those little Bounce sheets give your clothes.

    But her argument is not unfounded. According to the Consumer Energy Center the dryer is typically the second biggest "energy-sucking" appliance in your home, after the refrigerator.

    The CCE said dryers typically cost about $85 annually to operate and there is not currently a dryer on the market that is significantly less "energy-sucking" than the rest.

    Now the bill will go to the Virginia House of Representatives, where a similar bill failed last year.