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Md. Deaf School Aide Testifies He's No Molester



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    A former Maryland School for the Deaf dormitory aide says he never touched any student improperly.

    Thirty-eight-year-old Clarence Taylor III testified Friday at his trial in Ellicott City on charges he sexually abused seven middle-school girls. Taylor was the only defense witness. Closing arguments were set for Friday afternoon.

    Taylor says the girls made up their accusations that he touched their buttocks and breasts, and kissed some of them on the lips.

    The deaf defendant also says American Sign Language interpreters miscommunicated his statements in a videotaped police interview. In that interview, he seemed to acknowledge that he touched some girls' private parts accidentally in a crowded hallway at the Columbia campus.

    Earlier Friday, prosecutor dropped charges alleging Taylor had asked three of the girls for naked pictures of themselves.