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Video of Metrobus Near Miss With Child



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    A video obtained from Metro shows what was almost a tragedy on District roads.

    Cameras mounted aboard Metrobus vehicles begin recording when triggered by a sudden jolt.  On April 20 of this year, that jolt was a 4-year-old child darting into the street.

    The twelve second video shows a bus on the 52 Line traveling between the rail stations at Takoma and L'Enfant.

    The recorded incident happened around 4 p.m.  A speed indicator at the bottom of the tape shows the bus driver was traveling between 25 and 27 miles per hour.

    The child walks into the screen and is quickly gone, as the bus swerves to the left to avoid a crash.  Metro said the child, a 4-year-old, was not hurt in the incident.

    According to the Examiner, Metro has used videos like this one to train drivers and to discipline them when things go wrong.  Video from onboard cameras has led to over 1,100 disciplinary action and 20 terminations.

    The video: